FREShPANIA, located in Murcia, southern Spain is one of the leading suppliers in the  distribution of fresh herbs.

We are part of a large agricultural group with a long and strong farming heritage providing a solid foundation of values and infrastructure from which we can are continuously evolving and improving. Belonging to a business group based on tradition and evolution.

We dedicate 250 hectares of our significantly larger farming base to herbs, it is 100% our own production, on our own farms, and current year production will be in excess 5,000 tons.

About us

We value and enhance new ideas and growth in a sustainable way while respecting the environment; With a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility that improves and enriches the lives of the people and places around us.

FREShPANIA also offers an extensive range of conventional and organic fresh products produced by our firm’s collaborators, where the finest details of quality, logistics and distribution are controlled by our team.


FREShPANIA´s experience in the requirements of export markets allows them to guarantee top quality products, and solid export policies to apply to any country in the world.    

Our warehouse is located in Dolores de Pacheco, Murcia. All harvested products pass through the warehouse for rigorous quality checks, pre-cooling and any customer specific packing needs. Our experience with a wide range of export customers allows us to adapt packaging to customer requirements .

We are expert growers and we understand in detail the technical, commercial and logistical requirements of a dynamic market. This makes us the best partner to work with to overcome these constantly moving challenges.


All our herbs are accredited with the following certifications:

These certifications evidence that with our systems we control total traceability and quality through the total supply chain from seed to the whole supply chain.